Ballsy Secretary bySugarandSalt

Ballsy Secretary

A few more good strokes and I'd be shooting like a fire hydrant. My breathing was ragged; my fist pumped up and down the long neck of my cock nearly as fast as my heart beat in my chest. I love this part. That moment where your knees go weak and you finally give in. Your eyes clench shut and the pressure from your balls explodes up your shaft until your tip blasts that first strand of cum and sweet relief finally takes you over.

I was there right now. My big girl had never looked harder; the massive pole looked like it was carved from pure steel. It jumped in my hand and I started to cum; thick strands of milky white ejaculate barreled through my shaft and shot from my tip like it was a high-powered cannon. I rushed to aim my cock head at the coffee cup. The first pearly string bounced against the rim of the cup and slid down into the sea of black coffee. More shots followed until the cup which had barely been half full before was overflowing.

The intercom buzzed and I heard my boss' voice, "Coffee?"

I clicked mine and answered, "It's on its way right now, Mr. Jacobs."

I gave the cup a few stirs as I walked into his office, checking my beautiful transsexual body in the mirror as I did. He didn't notice me walk in. My hair would have to be on fire for him to notice something not on his computer screen. I'm not knocking Mr. Jacobs; he's a great boss. He's just the type that is completely engrossed in his work; he doesn't take time to smell the roses; which meant he had no idea that I'd been feeding him my cum. I sat the cup down on his desk and he nodded in my direction briefly.

The secretaries upstairs had it a lot worse than me. I heard the stories from them at lunch everyday. My problem was that my boss didn't notice me, their problem was that their bosses did notice them. The old guys upstairs came from a time when sexual harassment was the norm. The things those gals had to put up with. Meanwhile, I had a great, albeit a little distant, boss downstairs. And he wasn't bad to look at either. Occasionally I'd come into work in low cut tops which really showed off my big boobs, but I'd get nary a look from Mr. Jacobs. He was different.

Mr. Jacobs was one of the youngest executives here at twenty-seven. He got this job by being the big nerd he is. You'd peg him as a high school senior sooner than the rising executive of a very successful company. I kept his life running smoothly. Truth be told, I had a better relationship with his boss than him. Ms. Lilly scared most people, but I recognize a shrewd boss when I see one. She was beautiful, but cross her and you'll be working at a grocery store the rest of your life; everybody knew that.

You're probably wondering, if I'm so fond of Mr. Jacobs, why do a underhanded thing like fill his coffee and whatever else I make for him with a big load of cum. You probably think doing that is like spitting in his coffee. It's not like that at all. It all started innocently enough a few weeks ago. I forgot to set my alarm clock and woke up late. I didn't have time to jerk off--that left me with one hell of a hard-on. I couldn't get any work done so I took care of my big girl in the office. I didn't realize that a few strands of cum had gotten away until after Mr. Jacobs went back to his office with a croissant he took off my desk. You can guess what was on that croissant: my 'special ingredient'.

After I got over the initial shock, and was sure he hadn't noticed, it really started to turn me on. I fantasized the entire week about doing something like that again before finally getting up the nerve. It started small with a new 'glaze' on his donuts before becoming the creamer in his coffee. He really liked the stuff. I swear Mr. Jacobs never asked for his coffee until it was half coffee, half cum. My semen was a big hit!

I'd gotten this idea that it was good for him. He looked healthier. His complexion was better. This couldn't just be my imagination. Mr. Jacobs had a lot more energy since I started feeding him my big girl's juice. Sometimes I stuck around his office to watch him drink his coffee. I'd hang behind his chair and pretend to be checking whatever he was working on for errors, but really I was watching him drink his coffee with my special creamer. He'd tip the cup up and attach his cute lips to it, then slowly draw in sips.

My cock always hardened as I watched. That was my cum; my essence. It came from my bloated balls and ended up in Mr. Jacobs belly. I'll even admit there was a certain intimacy to it. He was oblivious to all this, but that didn't matter, because I wasn't. Some days he'd finish his cup and tell me, "You make a great cup of coffee, Sandra." The words always made me swoon. Mr. Jacobs wasn't big on compliments. My special ingredient was beginning to change him.

I started to have these vivid dreams. They began with me at work like it was just some ordinary day. I'd do some filing or contact a few companies on the new tax policy, but then I'd stop working. My big girl would grow and my balls felt so heavy. It was like I wasn't me as I marched into Mr. Jacobs' office and dropped my girl meat on the table. I'd say, "It's time for lunch, Mr. Jacobs. I'm going to give you your protein orally today." I'd round the desk and Mr. Jacobs would slink to his knees. He'd slip his lips over my cock head and engulf my shaft in his sweet mouth.

Eventually, I wanted to raise the stakes. I told myself, you can do better, Sandra. I had a big orgasm in a clear cup from the kitchen one morning. This was a monster load if I do say so myself. I held the cup in my hand and it felt so warm. My girly spooge rolled around in it like a thick syrup. I took the cup into Mr. Jacobs' office and sat it down on his desk with a big smile. He grabbed the cup and noticed it wasn't his usual coffee before he taking a sip.

He asked, "What is this?"

I started to get a little hot under the collar as I answered, "Umm, well... it's a new breakfast shake. It's called protein something--I can't remember, it was an off brand. Give it a taste."

Mr. Jacobs shrugged his shoulders and brought the cup to his lips. I watched intently as the thick, milky substance from my balls slowly slid down the cup into his mouth. He kept drinking until the cup was empty. Mr. Jacobs had a milky white mustache above his upper lip afterward.

"How is it?" I asked hopefully.

"It's... ahhh... thick. Warmer than I figured. Kinda had a tangy taste going down. You said this was good for you?" Mr. Jacobs swallowed a few times as he spoke.

"Yes, very good. I'm glad you like it. You can have it whenever you want. It just takes a little, um, mixing to make. I'll need a few minutes to prepare it each time. That is if you'd like it again. We could always go back to plain old coffee, I guess."

"We'll stick with this for a little while and see." Mr. Jacobs' tongue poked out of his mouth and he licked across his lips.

"You have just a little there," I pointed to his upper lip and he pulled the pearly drop into his mouth.

I almost turned to leave his office; that's when I realized how hard I was. My big girl was sticking out of my skirt and pressing against Mr. Jacobs' desk. I waited until I knew for sure that his attention was on the computer screen and then sneaked out. I sat at my desk for a few minutes feigning interest in my filing before deciding that Mr. Jacobs would probably like another cup of his protein drink. With the image of my seed hanging from his lips, I got down to the real work.

I fed him like that for the next couple weeks. He seemed to like it; my big balls were churning out loads at least twice a day. I'd take him in a full cup and leave with an empty one. I could swear it was having a positive effect on him. He even started to notice me more--going so far as to compliment me on my penmanship (hey, it's a start). I was perfectly happy with this new arrangement, that is, until I got it in my head that I could really try that dream. Really get Mr. Jacobs to suck my cock and take his daily dose of girl cum from its source.

I came up with a plan. I really did, and it was a good one. Unfortunately, my big girl had a mind of her own. And when she wanted something, I couldn't say no. One day, Mr. Jacobs was extremely busy. He didn't ask for his 'breakfast shake' all morning; I had the raging hard-on to prove it. I didn't cum because I wanted to save my seed until he asked for it like usual. Finally Mr. Jacobs finished a new report and told me via the intercom that he'd take his shake now.

I went straight to work on it. I grabbed my shaft and gave it a hard stroke. Precum smeared over my length and covered it nicely. I really started to get into it when the intercom buzzed, "Please look over my report before we send it in to Ms. Lilly."

"Okay, just a couple minutes--I'm preparing your shake," I said while doing my best to hide the pleasure I was currently giving myself.

It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds before I heard again, "Is my shake ready?"

My shaft fell from my hand and I sighed in frustration. "No, Mr. Jacobs. Not yet."

I waited for another buzz, but it didn't come. My hand began to work my cock again. I needed to cum and bad. Just then it buzzed, "Did you look over that report yet?"

I threw my head back and growled. I couldn't do two things at once and I couldn't masturbate up Mr. Jacobs shake with him bothering me every thirty seconds! Throwing caution to the wind, I marched into Mr. Jacobs' office much like I had in that dream. My erection bounced around as I did, shiny with precum. I was wrong when I told you earlier that I'd have to have my hair on fire for Mr. Jacobs to notice anything not on his computer screen; he noticed this.

Mr. Jacobs' eyes bugged out as he looked at my cock in surprise. I stomped over to his desk and grabbed my big girl by the base, saying, "You want your breakfast shake! Get it yourself!"

"What, what the hell are you talking about? This is completely inappropriate. I can't believe... penis. Your penis, it's--" he screeched.

"Never wondered where you breakfast shakes come from? It's called cum, Mr. Jacobs. Cum. Semen. Ejaculate. Whatever you call it--you should know. You drink it." I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"That's outrageous, Sandra! Get out of here now!" He ran behind his desk like that would protect him.

I briefly entertained the notion of just grabbing his skinny ass and forcing my cock into my mouth. That wasn't me, though. If he wanted me gone, I'd go. Before I headed out the door in a huff, I told him, "It's good for you. You've never been happier or healthier than since I started feeding you. You're addicted."

I went home and nearly deleted all his files. Really, I didn't have any reason to be mad at Mr. Jacobs. He did fire me, but I'd been feeding him cum without telling him. The truth was that I'd brought this on myself by telling him. There you go, Sandra. You got greedy and ruined a good thing.

The next day I went back to the office to clear my desk out. Imagine my surprise when I found Ms. Lilly sitting alone at my desk. Mr. Jacobs must have been out. "I'm just here to clear my desk out," I told her.

We talked on the phone a lot for work, but I'd only seen Ms. Lilly once or twice. She was a little blond. A drop dead gorgeous little blond with a great figure and a beautiful face. "I was quite taken aback to learn that Arthur dismissed you. I thought this pairing was working out rather well. He was rather standoffish with me on the phone about the reason why. Would you enlighten me please, Sandra?"

"Standoffish? Mr. Jacobs? No way! He fired me over a personal matter, Ms. Lilly. I really doubt he'd like me discussing it. Even with you."

"Still loyal to Arthur even after he canned you? Dear, his work this past month or so has been nothing short of exemplary. I know you're more than a secretary. It's like a partnership; one I don't want dissolved. But, I can't help if I'm in the dark." Ms. Lilly opened one of the drawers in my desk and started to rifle through it.

"I really can't..."

Ms. Lilly's eyes shot up to mine, "You can and you will, Dear. There are no secrets around here--not while I'm around. Now start from the beginning."

People didn't say no to Ms. Lilly. I could have, but at the end of the day, I really liked and respected Ms. Lilly. She'd always been fair with me and it seemed like she wanted to help. I told her everything. Every detail from Mr. Jacobs' first accidental ingestion of my semen to the day prior when I surprised Mr. Jacobs in his office and told him to make his own shake.

Ms. Lilly didn't utter a single word until the story was over. She didn't so much as blink. She just watched my lips move and nodded occasionally. I was ready to cry by the end of the story as it dawned on me that my job was really gone and Mr. Jacobs would probably resent me for the rest of his life. When I finished my story and my head sunk into my hands, Ms. Lilly reacted. She practically crawled over my desk to get to me. She pulled my face to her chest. Her perfume smelled lovely; lovely and obscenely expensive. Girls can just tell those type of things.

"Don't cry, Dear. You're so pretty and so young right now. I know it seems like the end of the world, but it isn't. Don't pack up your desk. Arthur's downstairs. I'm gonna call him up and have a talk with him." she spoke in such a soothing voice, I nearly melted in her arms.

She called Mr. Jacobs up and was true to her word. I waited outside while they spoke in his office. Curiosity got the better of me and before long I was listening at the door.

"Sandra and I had an interesting talk while you were downstairs. I know what she's been feeding you and I don't want her fired."

"Ms. Lilly, she can't work for me anymore. I, I can't face her." I could hear Mr. Jacobs tell her.

"Either she's your secretary or you don't work here anymore, Arthur. I didn't give this plush office just to you. It's a package deal. You and her. You'd get half as much work done without her."

I heard shuffling around from inside and immediately returned to my desk. It was strange to think Mr. Jacobs didn't feel he could face her anymore, but nice that Ms. Lilly was defending me. I wondered whether I'd really be able to return to my job while they continued to talk. A few minutes later both of them walked out. Mr. Jacobs followed Ms. Lilly out of his office like a little puppy.

"Arthur and I talked about it and we decided that we're okay with you providing him with your special protein shake. In fact, we decided that he'd take a more active role in procuring said shake. Any request you have, anything you ask of Arthur which will speed up the process or make it more pleasurable... he's required to do it." Ms. Lilly looked over to Mr. Jacobs at that point and gave him an impatient look until he nodded nervously. "And since you both do roughly an equal amount of work around here--it's time to get acquainted on a first name basis. You'll address him as Arthur from now on."

Mr. Jacobs... ahem... Arthur didn't say anything. I wondered what Ms. Lilly could have told him after I walked back to my desk. She must have scared the living daylights out of him or something.

"Is there anything you'd like from Arthur right now?" Ms. Lilly asked with a sharp grin on her face.

"Well, I guess I could use a blow job?" I answered back kind of lamely. This was going to take some getting used to, even if I did feel like a kid in a candy store right about then. We both looked at Arthur, who stood there with a blank face.

"Arthur?" she asked. There was no answer. "Are you not going to answer to Arthur now? We could start calling you cum bucket instead if you'd prefer," she let out a little laugh.

Arthur approached me. He got down on his knees in front of my chair and gave me a pleading look. I was torn between my immediate lust and the softer side of me which didn't want to make Arthur do anything he didn't want to. As usual, lust won out and I stripped my skirt off. Ms. Lilly took in a long, anticipating breath as I pulled my panties down my thighs and let my cock out in the open.

Although I was fighting some mixed emotions, my big girl had no trouble with this situation; she was already hard and twitching. Arthur slowly brought his pretty little lips closer to my cock and was about to press his tongue against my tip when Ms. Lilly interrupted,

"Wouldn't you rather show her balls a little love first? They've been kind enough to feed you all that creamy goodness this past month... and just look at how freaking big they are. You have an amazing piece of meat there, Sandra."

"Thank you," I told her as if she was complimenting my nails instead of my cock. I was probably going to say something else, but the moment I felt Arthur's tongue roll over one big ball, I lost brain function. He rested his lips against one and gave it a soft kiss, then did the same to the other. Arthur's tongue switched between my nuts as they hung off my desk chair. He started to suck on one and I couldn't help but begin to stroke my cock as he did.

"Just do whatever comes natural, Sandra. Do anything. Say anything... I'm sure Arthur would love it if you talked dirty to him," Ms. Lilly said in between labored breaths. I looked over and saw that Ms. Lilly had unbuttoned her blouse. She was plucking at her nipples like there was no tomorrow. I watched as she pinched one of the puffy nubs between her fingers and moaned.

"That's it... keep sucking those balls... you, you cum bucket," I told him and instantly felt silly afterward.

"Oooh, that's what he is. A little cum bucket waiting to be filled. Look up at her while you love on her nuts, Arthur."

I lifted off the chair an inch and dropped my scrotum onto his face. My balls rolled around his face and it felt great. He kissed the loose skin and licked and sucked at the closest testicle. After I'd had my fill of that, I sat back in my chair and grabbed Arthur by his hair, "Now suck my cock and I promise you'll get your treat."

"I bet he likes that. He wants you to force that big fucking cock down his throat. The closer to his little stomach the better," Ms. Lilly urged me on. She had one hand working her tits and the other down her skirt. I could see her squirming in her chair.

I crushed Arthur's face against my cock head and his lips opened. The warmth immediately enveloped me. The inside of his mouth was heaven on earth. So moist and tight. It just felt right. I pressed into his mouth, but could only slip a few inches of the thick neck in before he gagged. I let my cock sit on his tongue and demanded, "Suck me real good Arthur or I think we will just call you cum bucket, and you better believe I'll fuck your face." It felt hot to say it, but I probably wouldn't have if Ms. Lilly weren't there. It seemed to turn her on even more.

Ms. Lilly slipped her skirt off. Something in me suspected that she might be a girl like me, but her wet, glistening pussy put that suspicion to rest. That meant it was still a mystery as to why she was so keen on helping me. I couldn't have cared less, though. This was one hell of a wet dream; the kind that comes true.

I'd only had a passing attraction to women in my life, but watching the breathtakingly gorgeous Ms. Lilly jam two fingers into her sopping hole sent a shiver down my spine. Arthur's was getting the hang of sucking cock; his tongue swirled around my shaft expertly. Every time his head bobbed down, he was able to take a little more. Where to look. Where to look. Ms. Lilly had three fingers stuck up her twat and one incredibly puffy nipple between her long nails. Arthur was on his knees between my legs with my big girl splitting his mouth open. A girl could get used to this.

I undid the buttons on my blouse and pulled my bra off next. Ms. Lilly made tweaking her nipples look so good that I wanted to do it too. Pretty soon I was squeezing my big breasts and pinching the big nipples with reckless abandon. My nipples felt connected to my cock; every small tweak would send a tremor down my length, and every time Arthur's wet little mouth collapsed in like a vacuum on my cock, my tits got even more sensitive.

"This is making me so hot," Ms. Lilly said huskily. "I'm gonna cum soon. Your fuck stick is so huge, Dear." Ms. Lilly writhed as she fucked three fingers in and out of her pussy, "Does it feel as good as it looks?"

I grabbed Arthur's hand and placed it on my right tit. He started to squeeze it in his palm without prompting and actually started to suck harder on my cock. I let him play with my tits while I held the back of his head and forced more of my shaft between his sweet lips. "I'm not sure anything on earth could feel better, Ms. Lilly. Arthur's... very good at this. I don't know how long I can last..." I moaned.

"Yes, Arthur does seem to have a knack for sucking your cock. Look at him go. He's never looked more at home then between your legsss.... mmmm.... oooh..." Ms. Lilly's voice trailed off mid-sentence. Then she screamed, "MMMmmmmmmmm... CUMMING!" I watched with fascination as her eyes just about rolled back in her head. Her fingers stayed buried deep in her hole as her legs twitched.

I looked down at Arthur and asked, "Ready to be fed? Straight from the source this time. Make sure you don't miss a drop... and fuck that feels GOOD!" My eyes shut as that glorious moment came. I held out as long as I could; focused completely on Arthur's wet sucking, and then my orgasm struck. With a moan, my strong legs shut around Arthur's head. He whimpered and swallowed hard with the first spurt; it shot hard against the back of his mouth. That shot was followed by another and another.

His lips stayed sealed around my cock while my big girl and big balls gave him every creamy, wonderful drop of jizm they had. I could feel his throat contract around the tip of my cock with every swallow. He swallowed and swallowed my seed until finally, once it felt like I'd pumped a gallon out, the last drops puddled on his tongue. My cock was a mess of semen and spit by the time he was through. I raised an eyebrow at him and he dutifully cleaned me up.

"Well, that was the most fun I've had in a long, long time." Ms. Lilly broke the silence. I laughed nervously, slipping my blouse back on. Ms. Lilly rearranged her clothes and we stood up, but Arthur stayed on the floor--almost in a daze. "Arthur, sweetie, why don't you go to your office and let the girls talk for a while," Ms. Lilly said. Arthur looked up at her, then at me. He had a few drops of cum sliding down his chin which I caught and placed in his mouth. He sucked on my finger, his eyes closing. If I didn't know any better, it seemed like Arthur was into this.

Ms. Lilly tapped her foot and Arthur scurried into his office. She motioned to my chair and I took a seat. She stayed standing and we stared at each other for a few seconds. It was sort of an awkward situation. She'd just watched a man suck my cock and I'd watched her finger fuck herself silly during it.

"I don't think you'll have a problem with Arthur from now on. Did you happen to catch the boner he was sporting while he blew you?" she smiled.

"No, I didn't. My eyes were kind of focused... elsewhere at the time."

"Were you looking at me?" she asked. "Did you like what you saw?"

"Ms. Lilly, why am I still working here? Why did you make Arthur suck my cock... swallow my load? What I did, feeding Arthur my ejaculate this past month--it was... unprofessional, to say the least." I looked down at my lap as I spoke. My big girl was just beginning to go soft. She knew a damn good blow job when she got one.

"I was very disappointed to learn that Arthur had dismissed you, but then when I learned for what reason. Dear, I had no idea you were a shemale. Or transsexual, do you prefer that term? You're so beautiful. It didn't seem possible until I saw it." Ms. Lilly paused. She bit her bottom lip and then continued, "I went on a vacation last year to Brazil. I went for the sun and the beach. I didn't know I'd find a woman, a shemale there. It was just a fling, but she brought me more pleasure in four days then men ever had."


"Arthur will do anything you want him to. I knew he had a submissive side. He's in the position he belongs." Ms. Lilly got up from the chair and strutted over to me, she climbed in my lap and rubbed her firm butt over my erection. "You're hard already. I thought it was a myth... that shemales could 'go' all night. Then I met one. Now I've met another, wouldn't you say?" Ms. Lilly's lips slowly pressed against mine. She kissed and I kissed back; as we did so, her tongue slithered into my mouth and prodded mine.

When our lips finally parted, she spoke, "Tell me you're okay with this."

I ran my hands gently over the small of her back and answered, "I've never done this with a girl before."

"There's a first," Ms. Lilly gave my lips a playful peck, "time for everything."

I nodded my head, but just then--Ms. Lilly's cell rang. She pulled it out then looked up at me, "I suppose we shouldn't start this here. Ask my secretary for my address, I'd love for you to stop by tonight, Dear." Ms. Lilly raised from my lap and walked out of the room with her phone to her ear. I sat for a minute and processed everything that had happened in the last half hour. After rearranging my big girl, I tentatively knocked on Arthur's office door.

"Come in," offered a weak voice.

The door creaked as it opened. Arthur was sitting on his desk and looking at his computer. He'd cleaned up a bit. It looked as if nothing had happened. But as I walked closer, I could tell his eyes were red.

"How did you know?" he nearly cried.

"Erm, know what?"

"That I'd become addicted to that stuff you've been feeding me." He looked up at me, then dropped his head on his desk.

I stepped closer and ran my hand through his hair. "I didn't. I mean I don't. You are... addicted to it?"

"You must think I'm really stupid. I knew after my first breakfast shake that it was semen. I knew it came from you too. Why do you think I am the way I am? I didn't want to get too close or else..."

"Or else what?" I asked, kneeling next to him.

"I'd get attached to you and mess everything up. T-girls have always been kind of a fantasy," he confessed. "and you're the smartest, prettiest girl I've ever met. It would be... bad for our working relationship."

I giggled as we stared at one another. "Shemales seem to be very popular in this office, huh."


"Oh, nothing," I answered.

I finally had the reason for why he had been so distant; so inattentive. I wanted to be angry at him. I could have been having my cock sucked real good like this every day for the past year! But as I looked at him, and his cute little face, I wasn't angry. I was horny. My lips mashed against his and we kissed. I surprised him by undoing his pants. His cock was around five or six inches long. I dropped my head to his lap and inhaled it in one quick motion.

"Holy shit...!" he groaned.

"Mmghmmghm," I replied--it sounded more sophisticated in my head.

My eyes glanced up at his face. I could tell he wasn't used to this kind of treatment. He hadn't had a date in the entire time I'd known him. Arthur was a shy man. I remembered that while I sucked him and used it as motivation to give him my most thorough, loving sucking. I bobbed my head along the entire length of his dick. He wasn't large, but his cock had a nice, warm feel to it. I liked it when the ridge scraped across the roof of my mouth. Arthur seemed to like that too. From his moans, I could tell he also liked when my tongue did somersaults on the head of his cock. Then again, who wouldn't like that?

"I can't believe that we're... you're... Sandra, I'm sorry--I need to cum... This is the best feeling I've ever... fuck." he whimpered.

I doubled my efforts. My lips enveloped his entire length and then I sucked as hard as I could on it. I could hear feminine moaning and it took me a moment to realize that was me. I did enjoy giving blow jobs. Getting them was better, but Arthur would doing a lot of that. Returning the favor was the least I could do.

His hands wound in my long hair. Arthur's cock swelled bigger and I knew he was close. My tongue did another lap around his cock and Arthur croaked out, "CUMMING! CUMMING!"

His cock started to spit cum. I gathered it in my mouth, continuing to tease him with my tongue. When his dick finally popped free, I opened my mouth and showed him his cum, then gave a loud swallow. He'd guzzled down gallons of my sticky girl syrup over the past month, swallowing a mouthful was a bit of repayment. Again, the least I could do. It tasted quite tangy a little sweet. I thought about sucking out another load, but then I figured he shouldn't get too used to it. Maybe tomorrow he'd earn another blow job.

"That was unreal," Arthur panted. "I never thought in a million years that you'd do that after everything that's happened. Ms. Lilly made it pretty clear that I'm kinda to be your, well..."

"My bitch," I said with a mischievous grin.

Arthur offered to suck me off again. I reluctantly declined. I was determined to go to Ms. Lilly's home tonight. I had a feeling that I better have full balls when I did. I called Ms. Lilly's secretary and got the address. Since Ms. Lilly didn't say I couldn't, I invited Arthur to join me there.

We had a quick dinner first and then I strolled back to my apartment and took a shower. I grabbed some fresh clothes next and applied some lipstick. Neither of us were sure what to expect as we drove to the address and found Ms. Lilly's house. Her neighborhood was pretty secluded. We drove up to a big white gate with the correct address. It opened as we got closer and I drove through.

Now this was a swanky place. Although it doesn't take much to impress me given that I live in a one-bedroom apartment with noisy neighbors who constantly fight one moment and then fuck the next. Ms. Lilly had a long driveway which curved at the bottom of stone stairs that led to a big, grey and white mansion. I got the impression that Arthur was a little intimidated; I had to practically rip him from the front seat of my car.

We knocked on the door and a sharply-dressed man opened it. "Here to see the master?" he said in a British accent.

"Umm... I think so. Ms. Lilly?"

"This way please; she's been expecting you." The man turned and led us through the house.

Each room was more gorgeous than the last. We stopped outside a door which the man opened for us. The room was a bedroom. It had mirrors on the walls and ceiling. A big, luxurious bed sat in the middle of the room. He ushered us over to the bed and then explained that he'd notify Ms. Lilly, then he left the room.

"Are you sure I'm supposed to be here, Sandra?" Arthur asked apprehensively.

"Sure. Why not? Of course you are."

The door swung open and Ms. Lilly, dressed in a tiny nightie walked in. "What is he doing here?"

"I, uhhh, I invited him," I answered.

"Well, alright. A little heads up might have been nice. I have a no boys allowed policy in this room, except for Clive. You just met him. My manservant." Ms. Lilly stalked across the hardwood floor to the bed and gave Arthur a chilling look. He hopped off the bed and she sat down.

"Nice place you have here," I tried to make small talk.

"Come to me," Ms. Lilly opened her arms to me. I listened and pressed myself onto her lap. "You've never been with a woman. Was it ever something you envisioned?"

"Not really, Ms. Lilly. I'm not opposed to it or anything, but..."

"You're hard, Dear." Ms. Lilly's hand encircled my big girl. She gave it a soft squeeze and spoke, "It feels so good in my hand... so big... so masculine yet so feminine. You're a work of art. A prayer answered for me." Ms. Lilly's lips were suddenly on mine. She sucked my tongue into her mouth while stroking my cock. The kiss finally broke and she said, "Look... look down below. Look at how wet I am, Dear." She lifted the nightie up and revealed her bare vagina. Her pussy lips were glistening. Ms. Lilly spread them between two fingers and showed me the flesh beneath. "Do you like it?"

"Yesss..." I answered as the scent of her arousal filled the room.

"Did you take Arthur's bottom after I left?" she asked.

"What?" I looked up at her, "No. He offered to suck me again, but I didn't want to blow too many loads since I knew we'd be here tonight."

"It looked like those balls of yours could keep refilling all day. They'd have to if you were feeding Arthur all that cum. Arthur, pull her pants down for me."

Arthur came up behind me and started to pull my pants off. I kicked out of them and snapped my panties off my feet next. Ms. Lilly purred as she saw my package bounce around in the air.

"I want you," she said. Ms. Lilly pulled her nightie off and then hooked her legs behind mine and dragged me closer. The tip of my cock brushed against her cunt lips. I felt the warmth and wetness; causing me to involuntarily thrust forward. My cock sloshed inside her until our bodies slapped together. I was surprised how easy it was to enter a pussy. Her cunt was tight, but assholes took more finesse unless you're really just fucking the shit out of them and don't care.The tip of my cock thudded against something deep inside Ms. Lilly and she gasped.

"I've never, never taken anyone this big before. Never been filled like this, Dear." I felt Arthur's cock press against my ass as I began to thrust inside Ms. Lilly. He pulled my shirt over my head and exposed my tits. Arthur was about to start pinching my nipples when Ms. Lilly batted his hands away and took one of them into her mouth. She pinned my nipple between her teeth and sucked hard. I looked at all three of us in the mirror. My body and Ms. Lilly's were entwined with Arthur pasted on my rear.

"Your butt is so perfect, Sandra," Arthur said.

Ms. Lilly seemed to have more control over the muscles in her cunt than men did with their assholes. I could feel her walls pulsing around me, then all of the sudden she'd crunch down hard on my shaft. I started to fuck her in a hard rhythm rather quickly. Our bodies crashed together powerfully as both Ms. Lilly and Arthur played with my body. Below me I could feel Ms. Lilly writhe. Her cunt muscles went wild, squeezing and contracting around me. I realized she was cumming. My nipple fell from her lips and she let out a long moan.

"I'm... making you cum? Aren't I? Fuck," I started to talk. Arthur was pressing his cock against my ass cheeks, thrusting his hard dick between them. As I fucked Ms. Lilly, his cock crashed against my hole. "Fuck me, you bitch!" I screamed and he plunged as much of his cock as he could inside my asshole. I looked at myself in the mirror, Arthur's cock slamming into my asshole and my cock inside Ms. Lilly's cunt.

"Your ass... it's so tight! Oh my gosh, Sandra!" he cried while completing a string of thrusts.

"Ooooh, Dear.... your cock is! It's ripping me up inside. I love it!" Ms. Lilly fondled my tits as I thrust inside her even harder. Arthur's body bopped around wildly with mine. I could feel his cock just barely grazing my prostate. He'd thrust inside me and then I'd bottom out inside Ms. Lilly.

"I'm gonna cum soon, Ms. Lilly. You slut!" My cock rammed inside her with a purpose. I felt the need in my balls growing. My body was sleek with sweat. I could feel Arthur's arms locked around my stomach for dear life as he hammered hard into my butt. There was so much going on--my senses were being overloaded. My orgasm was so close; I grunted and thrust deeper inside Ms. Lilly's constantly tensing cunt walls.

"Sandra, please... feels so--I'm cumming!" Arthur let out a strangled cry and I felt his warm load spray inside me. I saw the pure pleasure stained across his face.

"Fucking fill me, Dear. Give me that seed!" she growled. Ms. Lilly's arms pulled me closer. My tits squashed against hers and we moaned uncontrollably together, Arthur's cock still shooting inside me.

"Urghhmm... here you go!" I screamed as my orgasm rippled through my body. With my cock buried inside her, I started dowsing her insides like a fire hose. I could tell by Ms. Lilly's violent convulsions that she was cumming as well. Her muscles wrapped so tightly around my girth; she milked every drop from my over-sized balls.

We collapsed like that when it was finally over. My balls emptied, lying on top of Ms. Lilly and Arthur lying on top of me. We were all panting heavily, Ms. Lilly and I eagerly kissed one another while Arthur licked and sucked on my neck. I finally let my shriveling cock slip from her pussy and slid over on the bed. Arthur fell off my back and onto the bed. Ms. Lilly's eyes were still closed. I watched all three of us slowly recover from our orgasms in the ceiling mirror.

When Ms. Lilly's eyes did open, she looked past me to Arthur and demanded, "Come suck out this creampie while it's still warm." He wiggled across the bed and obediently started to lick her pussy. I watched as our combined juices slid out of her and into his mouth. "Get me real clean. Your mouth and her cum. That's how this whole thing started, didn't it?" she laughed.

"Get over here and do mine next," I told him, his cum dripping from my asshole. He moved over to me and began to kiss my thighs. I felt his soft lips draw closer to my little dot and then form a tight seal around it; Arthur sucked hard and gulped down his cum. He tongued and licked my hole when he was finished and then looked back at me. I grabbed my big girl and pointed it toward his mouth. He inhaled as many inches as he could without hesitation and started to nurse on it.

"You'll need to fuck him soon." Ms. Lilly watched the ceiling mirror and dragged her hands over her body, breathing heavily as she spoke, "He won't be yours--not totally, until you've cum in his ass."

I turned on my side and pulled Ms. Lilly's body closer. Arthur followed me with my cock buried in his throat. Our lips touched and we kissed. Then I asked, "I came in your pussy. Does that make you mine too?"

Her eyes glanced down my body to where Arthur was lovingly nursing my over-sized cock and then she answered, "It makes me one of your many admirers."