Double fantasy

My wife and I finally had time for a much needed vacation after years of marriage and working very hard at getting ahead in a crazy rat race world. We had been so wrapped up in working we stopped enjoying life. We began talking about getting away from it all and reconnecting. My wife began suggesting we should find a way to spice it up and enjoy our wild side that we let slip away.

We began looking for places that were liberal with nudity, and maybe even allowed some wild activities in the open. We had heard Hedonism was such a place so we booked a week long trip. We both agreed we would be more free spirited and if given the opportunity we would explore and try new things. We wanted a bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism if possible.

My wife is 5' 1", curvy, brunette with a smile that lights up a room, 36D, 40 inch hips and a naturally bushy pussy. She has a few Extra pounds as she is 48 years old but I find her beautiful and sexy. She hates her big butt, but I love it. She is Italian with olive skin. I am 5' 9", 175, brown hair green eyes, decent sized 7 inch thick cock. We have always been very oral. I love burying my face in her hairy pussy. Our only kink has been me eating her pussy after fucking. I developed a strong fetish for tasting my cum from her freshly fucked cunt. She also Turned me on to kissing her and swapping my cum after a blow job. She enjoyed calling me her hubby cum eater. I admit I was turned on and developed a love of the creamy taste. She would joke around that I swallowed more loads of my cum than she did.

The trip finally arrived and we were both extremely excited for a week of sun, fun, drinks, relaxation, and some catching up on adventurous sex. When we arrived we immediately went and put on our bathing suits and wandered to the beach. It was like heaven on earth. We decided to go for a walk, and it became secluded. My wife looked at me with a sly smile and removed her suit, and looked at mine with a glance that said remove yours as well. We left them behind a tree and walked nude hand in hand. My cock was as hard as a steel bar. After walking a while she sat on a rock and spread her legs, and looked down. I knew what she wanted, was my tongue and her hairy cunt. I told her we were to be extra adventurous, and told her to stand with her hands on the rock. I immediately began to lick her asshole. She was moaning and pushing her big ass onto my face. After a long while she laid on the rock and I devoured her sweet pussy until she screamed in orgasm. She then had me sit and swallowed my cock and gave me an exquisite blow job until I exploded in her mouth, then kissed me and gave me my entire load to swallow. When we caught our breath we saw a group watching us. We smiled and began walking to get our bathing suits.

One of the local men said he was a native and if we were turned on and enjoyed being exhibitionists we could be paid by a club to enjoy our sexual adventures while we enjoyed our fun. Before I could even think about it my wife said we would love to. He said he was also a man who could make our fantasies come true with Jamaican magic. Again my wife excitedly agreed without thinking. The man warned that he would pull fantasies from the deepest recesses of our minds and we should be sure before agreeing. We kind of laughed as we did not believe in black magic and thought it would be fun.

We agreed and he invited us to his hut, where he said he would put us in a trance and extract our deepest fantasies, and perform magic to make them real. He said the effects would not be immediate and we'd have to sleep and then come back to see him the next day.

When we woke we felt no changes and laughed, but went to see him the next day. He told us the physical effects would become real in the club where we would perform for and audience. We would be paid $5,000 American dollars. He handed my wife an envelope and me an envelope. He said when on stage we would each read it aloud before disrobing to see the effects of our fantasies. The fantasies a would include bodily changes that my wife wanted of me and what changes I wanted of my wife.

When we got on stage my wife read first. Her note said, my deepest desire is for my husband to have an insatiable appetite for sex and pleasuring me once his clothing is removed. His body will become more youthful and muscular, and his cock will grow to 18 inches hard and when exposed to air it will always be hard. He will cum at least 4 ounces and can cum non stop without recovery time. He will desire sex until clothing is put on. Since he has always enjoyed the taste of his cum he will crave it and give himself blow jobs when asked for my viewing pleasure. I was surprised by the depravity and kinkiness of her thoughts, but didn't believe it was possible. I then read my envelope. My wife tits will grow to the size of watermelons (65 JJJJ) and be full of milk when exposed to air. Her nipples will grow to 3 inches in length and she will orgasm when they are sucked. Her ass will grow bigger and rounder and perfectly formed. Her bush will grow thicker and go up to her naval, around to her ass and slightly down her thighs. It will be like and Afro from the 70s. She will be constantly aroused and multiorgasmic. She will orgasm from ass licking. The final body change had me stunned. This was from my deepest thoughts. She would have a 12 inch cock that is always hard and can cum multiple times. I still didn't believe it but for $5,000 we agreed to undress and have fun.

My wife said me first. I took off my shirt and my muscles grew and got harder. Then I took off my pants and my cock started to grow. It was hard and long and fat and turning me on. My wife's jaw dropped and she couldn't take her eyes off my 18 inch cock. She was trembling as she took off her shirt and her tits exploded. Her nipples grew and milk started leaking. I sucked a nipple and she had an instant screaming orgasm. She pulled her pants off, her hips and ass grew, a jungle of a bush popped out, and an enormous cock shot out.

She was ravenous and unbelievably beautiful. The crowd cheered, and she said, you are about to give the first two blow jobs of your life. She demanded, get on your knees and blow me now. You gave me a cock, now suck it and swallow my cum. I immediately dropped to my knees and took her 12 inch cock in my mouth and sucked it like I was possessed. The crowd was chanting "suck her cock", "make her cum", "swallow her cum". I wanted that more than anything. I sucked like a whore wanting her cum. She exploded and I swallowed loving her sweet woman cock cum. I was so satisfied and she had the biggest look of pure pleasure I ever saw on her face. I was in love with my futa cock wife. The crowd was wildly cheering.

When she caught her breath she said, now blow yourself. She grabbed my hard cock and pushed it to my face and said open your mouth. I put my lips on it and the feeling was incredible. I felt a cock in my mouth and the feeling of a blow job at the same time. I was lost in ecstasy. She stroke my shaft while I blew the first 6 inches until I erupted. The cum came in buckets and I couldn't swallow it all. She pulled it from my mouth and I came all over my face.

She then said, time for a double blow job and put my head and her cock in my mouth at the same time. I swallowed both her cum and mine again. The crowd beg and to scream fuck each other. She said you first hubby, fuck me with that Python, then I will take your ass. We fucked for hours and I gave at least 10 blow jobs.

We awoke the next day in our room. We were unsure if it was a kinky dream until there was a knock on the door, and the valet delivered two envelopes. We smiled and wondered what was in store for us today. To be continued......