Double Fantasy Day 2

We were very excited to see what was in store for us today with the island magic as we had an amazing fun time yesterday. We ate breakfast, and showered together and were reminded of our fantasy as we disrobed our bodies transformed again. My cock grew hard and to the length of 18 inches again while my muscles expanded. My wife tits became huge watermelons, her nipples were three inches long, her hips and ass expanded, her bush grew hairier and there it was again, her beautifully hard 12 inch futa cock. I began to suck on her nipple and realized her tits were not filled with milk, but it was cum. I was sucking cum directly from her tits while she moaned loudly and cam over and over.

She said, honey, "please give me another blow job", "You suck my cock so amazingly". I was in love with her new body and dropped to my knees to suck her magnificent cock. I took my time and scored the beauty. I licked the shaft, sucked on the head, and played with it for a very long time, but after a long while I needed to taste her cum. I blew her cock like a man possessed and was rewarded with an enormous load of cum. She spasmed into my mouth 8-10 times and I swallowed ever drop. I stood and she said, I love you, you are and amazing cock sucker. I turned her around and slid my18 inch cock into her hairy cunt and fucked her while stroking her cock. I explode inside her while she exploded again. We dressed and ran to the hut. He told us to go to the pool and read our fantasies aloud.

My wife made read hers first. It said, "my inner fantasy is to see my husband transformed into mostly a woman. She will have massive tits that create organs when fondled or sucked, she will have wide hips, a big ass, and and 18 inch cock. Her asshole will become wet and soft with a clitoris. Her asshole will be a pussy. She will crave cock and need to suck and fuck all day. As she spoke my body transformed and I was a beautiful island girl with an enormous cock. She said I was to suck and fuck every willing male non stop all day long. I was to be a true cock whore.

I read my letter, she was to be exactly like yesterday, and would crave cock. She would suck cock and fuck cock all day, and make me eat her cum filled cunt whenever it was leaking cum.

She looked at me and said, this is going to be fun, and honey, there are some big hard cocks already out for you to suck. I found the biggest, blackest, hardest cock and began my day of sucking cock. I gave hundreds of blow jobs and was fucked in my ass pussy by hundreds of men. I was insatiable and wanted cock at all times. When men were recovering, I sucked my own cock or my wife's. And I ate 100s of loads from her cunt.

It was an orgy of men who had their cocks out and I wanted everyone of them. I have become a cock sucking whore with a huge futa cock. As the sunset, the men were tired, and we went back to our room to sleep. We both had very sexual dreams, but slept like babies. We were exhausted, but I still favored the taste of cum as I drifted to sleep, thinking about tomorrow with a smile.

To be continued....