Room Service

Dana stroked her veiny plump cock using her right hand while she flipped through channels on the motel's television using her left.

She paused on a station featuring a buxom Hispanic woman bent over a table. A muscular Caucasian man had his arms wrapped around her, ramming his dick in-and-out her ass. His thighs clapped against her buttocks, making the golden flesh ripple.

"Oh yeah," Dana said, pumping her cock harder and faster. Dana sat the remote beside her and used her available hand to tug her skimpy white shorts around her knees. Then she palmed her smoothly shaved balls and kneaded them for extra stimulation.

The male pornstar ripped his dick from the sexy starlet's ass and wedged it between her hefty cheeks. His dick compressed, he thrusted, the head of his member bobbing from his costar's buttocks. Seconds after he came, blasting one thick stream across the woman's back, and then jerking his dick and painting her delightfully round canvas with the rest.

"Lame." Dana removed her hand from her scrotum then grabbed the television remote. She channel surfed again, stopping upon discovering another erotic network.

A dark skinned woman wielding a harnessed tan cock punished the pussy of an olive skinned woman from missionary position. Close and rapid fucking. They sloppily kissed.

Dana dropped the remote on her stomach. "We're in business." Glancing at the leather purse on the nightstand, she said, "Let's see..." She released her dick to snatch the bag and rummaged within.

Dana tossed hand sanitizer, condoms, a makeup kit, lipstick, toenail clippers, and the suite's key onto the water bed. She grinned when she plucked a small bottle of peach body lotion from the bag. Dana thumbed the cap's tab and the delicious aroma flooded her sinuses.

Squeezing, she twirled her wrist, pouring the orange goop into her right palm. It was satisfyingly warm. She couldn't wait to feel it elsewhere, and immediately began slathering it across her shaft.

"Oh fuck, that's awesome," Dana whimpered and plopped her head on the pillow, clenching her eyelids, embracing bliss. She wrenched her fist below the head of her cock. Lotion oozed through her fingers and dripped onto the hand that cradled her balls, which she vigorously kneaded.

The black lesbian mounted her partner's chest, making pelvic stabbing motions, mouthfucking the white woman's crimson lips. Her mouth was stuffed. The imitation balls slapped her chin.

Dana's cock was curved like a banana. It was pointed toward the ceiling but when she felt semen rushing from her balls and up and through her shaft, she hopped up and then scrambled to her knees. She opened her eyes and mouth. Saliva trickled from the left corner of her lips. Dana thrusted, fucking the tight, narrow tunnel constructed by her palms. Lotion splattered her tummy and thighs.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Dana whined and tilted her nearly nuclear cock downward. She twisted her palms from the hilt of her shaft to the head with one powerful stroke-and-thrust combination, and then orgasmed.

Dana came on the face of the room's sleeping female occupant.

A scattered trail underneath her nostrils. Several diluted droplets on her forehead. A glob on her freckled right cheek. Dana also came on the black sleeping mask shielding the woman's eyes.

The woman groaned and stirred. Then turned onto her belly and nestled her face into her pillow. She didn't wake when Dana jizzed on her unsheathed breasts minutes earlier, either. Dana removed the woman's brassiere herself.

"I want it in my butt, Stewart," the woman sleepily murmured, arching on the mattress, raising her bottom suggestively and wiggling it.

Dana stared at the digital clock on the nightstand. The suite's male occupant left twenty minutes ago, the nearest pharmacy being thirty minutes away. Dana was still horny and could spare ten. She picked up a condom, tore the package, and sheathed her cock with blue latex.

"Bought the lube, sweetheart?"

Dana couldn't tell if the woman was actually conscious, but figured she would be soon enough. Dana eased the woman's purple lacy panties past her thighs then secured her cock's hilt. She touched her dick's head to the woman's anal cavity before mining further.

The woman's starving hole devoured Dana's probing erection whole. Dana squealed. The woman's tight canal strangled her shaft. She trembled from the amazing sensation. Her hapless partner moaned approval as Dana gingerly thrusted.

Dana caressed the woman's buttocks while fucking her, leaving hologram fingerprints on the doughy pale flesh. She fucked methodically, but as sensations heightened, so did the rate of Dana's thrusts. Dana grunted, pumping hard enough for her balls and thighs to slap the ass of the suite's beautiful resident.

The woman's buttocks bounced beneath Dana's restraint. She hugged her pillow, munched her bottom lip, and whined in rapture.

Dana, tempting orgasm, pulled out the woman's ass. She removed the condom, pounded her dick, and then sprayed her seed over the female's sweaty backside. Puddles and strands of hot cum on her buttocks and between them.

"Stewart, that was fucking terrific!" The woman exclaimed, nestling a cheek against her pillow then giggling.

Dana chuckled then sighed. She eased her shorts around her hips, tucking her slick, flaccid cock inside before knotting the drawstring.

The clock's fragmented green numerals displayed 10:28pm. Dana left the mattress then kicked on her sandals, adjusting her slim green tank as she hurried out the door. She brought the room key with her.

"Warmed her up for you, Stew," Dana said, grinning at the bald black man approaching from the lower staircase. He gripped a bottle of lubricant with his left hand.

"You were in my fucking room?" He paused and glared at Dana.

Dana tossed the room key at him. The man thrashed his right arm and swiped it out the air.

"Your girlfriend was complaining about your room's chill," Dana replied, sauntering by the man, still smiling. She stopped when she reached the stairs and glanced over her shoulder. "Room service. I took care of her."