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Introduce yourself!

We're a new forum, so let's get some introductions going!

I'm Dirkson. I make a video game for a living, and am the guy building this crazy contraption. My favorite color is orange.

I'm really good at linux, passable at coding, and horrible at finding gold while prospecting. In the past I've discovered three small caves, run a sizable minecraft community, and made websites for Zen buddhists and "Vaporizer" manufacturers.

Who're you?

Fukku Feb 16

Hi im Fukku,

New member here, i love futa dedicated websites, i hope to get to know more futa fans here and have a blast!

Anyways im trying to become a freelance illustrator and make my own futanari comics and or simdate, but i have a long way to go to fully be able to walk the road. of the futas.

2D booty

Me Dec 27

Hello... Little late huh?

Megus Nov 11

Hiya, my name is Megus and I'm a huge fan of futa. I'm a microbiologist major and a huge gamer so hit me up if you are interested in joining me
LoL: Megus1
steam: Megus

My favorite futa comic is here:

kenjate Jul 5

Hello. My name here is Kenjate. I also make video games, but not yet to the point where I sell them......yet. I'm into futa, especially the selfsucking kind. Just thought I would throw that out there, so when I upload any pics that I do, that's the type it's going to be. Nice to meet you all.

Joe Jun 2

Hi there. Pleased to see this site is back.

JPIKE420 May 5

Hi, I'm Pike

I'm looking for others interested in futa. It has called to me since I first saw Konami in Hot Tails all those years ago. I'm glad that I found this place and it's the first time I've ever signed up for a futa web site. Two of my favorite artists are Kami Tora and Behind Moon.

liza_ellison Apr 28

hi..I am Liza...looking for others who ejaculate to Futa

I am into futanari pornography, I am also on yahoo same name.