Grand Re-opening!

Welcome to the new Futanari Splash!

I've updated the site software, improved the spam filter, added a ton of new manga, videos and the ability to seamlessly upload them, a forum, a links repository... I basically just remade the whole website from the ground up. It's been a lot of work, let me tell you!

With so much new stuff, I doubt everything's perfect yet. Notice a bug? See something that could be better? Loading slowly? Pop on over to the suggestions forum and let me know!

Logged in users can tag any post via a handy little box on the left, can post in the forums, and also see fewer ads. I'll definitely need help with the tagging process, so please do sign up!
It's quick and free to get an account, just click here.

Anyway, I've got a ton of videos and manga I still need to upload, so I'll be adding new content daily for the next few weeks. Be sure to check back!

If you need to, you can click here to contact me directly.

futanari lover1 Jul 5



breastman Mar 19

why i can't get your e-mails at my outlook/Hotmail account?